And The Sunshine Award Goes To…

Serene Aspergia

Hello guys,

Hope you all have enjoyed your weekend! I came online today just to check my blog and my day was made! I received this lovely nomination from the amazingly wonderful Anna Rose Meeds and in all honesty it’s just what I needed 🙂 


I have been on what feels like an awfully long journey.  Since being diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome early last year, my life has slowly become my own. In some cases it has been a hard journey with depression lurking over me, but I really am pleased I made this blog and have been able to communicate with others that also have Aspergers or Depression. 

I remember growing up feeling strange and alien like. I never seemed to be open with those around me as I was scared of being judged or mocked. I am slowly getting better with telling those around me my hobbies without…

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