Little Brother

It’s a short blog today. I’m rushing home because it is The Brother’s birthday.

The Rose has made a card, wrapped a present and we are cooking a birthday tea tonight and drinking fizzy pop.

The Rose loves a birthday. She asks about birthdays all the time, what people will do, what presents they will have, what they will eat, say –  wear. So this morning when I took her to the bus stop to catch the bus to college she was very keen to find out what we would be up to this evening and what The Brother would be doing at school today. She ran through what he was planning for his party at the weekend and who would be there. She ran through this many times until she was sure of its order and it was all settled and in place in her mind.

When she stopped going through the schedules I asked her what she was looking forward to most about the forthcoming birthday – she didn’t skip a beat.

“Well finally we’ll be back to normal” she chirped “He should be three years younger than me. When he’s four year younger (i.e. for two months of the year) I’m too far away from him and he is smaller. Now we are back to where we should be and he’s the proper size again now”.

So Happy Birthday correctly sized brother and have a great day with your not so big sister.