Kiss and Makeup.

Kiss and make up
And in other ‘note news’ (ref previous post: On a Different Note …I couldn’t take The Rose to the bus stop the other morning, where she catches her bus to college – so The Dad took her.

It’s a mere five minute car journey and not an issue, but because it’s usually me who takes her and our brief five minutes ‘us’ time is nice (we don’t talk – it’s just nice) she needed to iron out the blip. It wasn’t an issue but it was a change of plan.

At 5.30am The Rose news bulletin arrived under the bedroom door… “Mum I want to wear your lipstick today. I don’t know how to put it on”‘ (she’s 17 – she knows how to put on makeup). When I heard the note arrive (delivered at least an hour before I needed to be up) I got up, read it and ‘harumphed’ off to her room with a ‘what are you talking about?’  miffed tone of voice.

Me = “Yes you can you’ve done it since you were 12”
The Rose = “I can put on lip gloss right, cos it’s got a brush but that big stick is too thick and too red for me and if it goes wrong IT’S DANGEROUS!”

She’s right of course, lippy can be ultra dangerous and we all know what happened to The Joker in Batman!!!