Waving (not drowning)

The Name of The Rose
In many ways parenting an autistic person is like being autistic yourself.
It’s so difficult to explain and so bloody complex- it’s like being on a desert island with no hope of getting off.   But it throws up far more complex emotions than simply wanting ‘out’.  And keeping it all inside for fear of belittling how bloody painful and glorious living with an autistic kid is, can lock us in too.  The less we share the more difficult it becomes to explain…so the less we can share.
How heroic and frustrating is my daughter The Rose? I can only speak for us.  Aspergers is no more a blanket ‘condition’ to describe a person than being termed human is.
Autism is complex and varied in how it manifests. No one really knows what it is or how it got there – into our sons and daughters. Little wonder therefore that it’s so very misunderstood.
I can only tell our story, how it is for me and The Rose and what I thought autism would be. Well it turns out that what I thought it was is only a little bit true. Autism is so much more than just THAT.
I hope this blog sends  up a small flare from our desert island.
We’re waving …can you see us?